Youth Acting Studio – 3 years . . . 20+ productions!

Since its inception in January 2013, Youth Acting Studio has produced over 20 original shows.  Each play is shaped in collaboration with our students.

It has been so exciting to watch each production become influenced by these creative and talented young performers . .

Here’s a look back at the past few years….

Winter /Spring Showcase 2013
Tangled Up . . . A Monologue Showcase

Youth Studio Summer 2013
The Brementown Rappers
Super Spies Go to the Middle Ages

Youth Studios Fall 2013 -101 & Mix
Super Spies & The Australia Express
The Vortex of Dreams – October 2013

Youth Studios -Winter/Spring 2014
 The Very Mysterious Pretty Princess Placement Agency
Supernaturals Anonymous
Youth Studios -Fall 2014-DuPont

The Super Hideaway
The New Girl

Youth Acting -Lacey Fall 2014
 “Hey, give me that hat!” Comedy Improv Showcase
Super Spies & The Australian Express
TheatreLab Fall 2014-DuPont

The Magic Compass

Youth Acting -Lacey Winter 2015

Zoobilee Kazaam- A Magical Comedy

Youth Studio – DuPont Winter 2015

The Treasure of Ninja Island

Theatre Playground -DuPont Winter 2015

The World’s Greatest Story

TheatreLab -DuPont Winter 2015
Valentime’s Up!
Youth Acting -Lacey Spring 2015
The  Vortex of Dreams
Theatre Playground – DuPont Spring 2015
Once upon a Stump
Youth Studio -DuPont Spring 2015
#Live from Mytholovia
TheatreLab – Lacey Spring 2015
The Fortunate One
TheatreLab-DuPont Spring 2015
The Heist
Movie Camps in DuPont & Lacey- Summer 2015
The Wonderland Connection-  Lacey
(July 2015)
The Wonderland Connection- DuPont(August 2015)
Cherrydale Primary AfterSchool Program- Fall 2015
Ship of Secrets
Youth Studio-DuPont Fall 2015
Midnight & The Mini Lisa
Youth Studio – Lacey Fall 2015
The New Kid (November 2015)



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