Why Youth Acting Studio?  Here’s what makes us special . . .

  • We Prioritize Imagination – From our pre-school and children’s classes and all the way through to our teen programming , we focus on expanding the imagination and developing creativity in young performers. Our students’ imaginations are the jumping off point for every production whether it be through choosing their favorite characters, improvising scenes or finding the joke in every scene – students feel a sense of ownership and value in being part of the production process.
  • We Make it Work for Our Students – Whether it’s using our “Create a Play” structure where our actors improvise and create their own lines and characters or choosing a play with parts that will work best for each new group of students, we customize each class and the resulting showcase for each individual student.  Got a big and silly personality? We’ve got a part for that! Love to be on stage but not comfortable with lines yet? We’ve got a part for that! We find each young actor’s comfort zone and then find ways to challenge them to create their best performances.
  • We’re Uniquely Dramatic – We focus on the craft of acting and all the skills that make a great performer.  Working in a small personalized environment, students will be able to develop their skills and have a chance to perform for their peers almost every class!
  • We Promote Mind/Body Balance –Relax. Energize. Connect. Create! Using meditation and relaxation exercises, vigorous full-body warm-up exercises and fun, thought-provoking games and improvs, we provide a comprehensive mind/body experience for young actors.
  • We Emphasize Critical Thinking – Learning to understand characters, scenes and the conflicts in them, reinforces critical thinking and reading comprehension skills that are used so often in real life and academic life.
  • We’re Year-Long – Acting doesn’t have to stop after summer camps end. We provide a year-round acting education.