Great feedback from our students and their families!

Yay! So excited to hear that you’re a bit closer to West Olympia . . . Folks, Melissa is an amazing teacher/coach/director and our daughter really enjoyed being part of one of her teen programs in the past!

  • Michelle K. (parent of Teen Program Participant)

Melissa is an amazing teacher! The kids love her and she is great at letting the kiddos have a part in developing their roles. Her productions always amazed us!

  • Maria P. (parent of Youth Program Participant)

[Melissa is] phenomenal and the program is amazing!

  • Jessica L. (parent of Youth Program Participant)

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and mentor.

  • Charlynn A.(Teen Program Participant)

[My son] absolutely loved the class and you are great with the kids.

  • Ryan S. (Parent of Youth and Teen Program Participant

“This class is amazing! I can’t even describe how excited I am every Saturday morning waking up and getting to play different roles! I’ll never forget my first play here called “Supernaturals Anonymous” , it was really fun!”

C , Age 14, Youth Studio Spring/Summer Session

“Special thanks to … Melissa! She is a great teacher and very nice. I couldn’t  wait to go to acting class . . . I really enjoyed acting class because it was fun and exciting.  I got to meet new friends and chance to know them.  Also, I started having a passion of acting and looking forward to continue studying acting!!” 

– Sarah, Youth Studio 101, age 11 

“[My son] is loving your class!  Thanks for all you do.  The class is awesome.”

 – Amy, parent of a Youth Studio Mix student
“[My daughter] is so excited for the 12 pm class  . . -Melissa, you are such a fantastic teacher!”
 – Jessica L., parent of a Youth Studio Mix student

“Thank you for creating such a welcoming, fun and creative environment for these girls . . . [My daughter] looks forward to class every week.”

– Jessica R., parent of a Youth Studio 101 student

A few words from my mentors . . . .

” . . . . Melissa is a mature artist and colleague and a positive force in the room. On top of all that, she is a talented actress. Her abilities will translate well in a teaching setting where young actors need positive and constructive feedback, and her enthusiasm and knowledge about the craft will inspire them . . .”


” . . . . Melissa proved to be a talented, generous and hard-working student and performer . . . She consistently offered thoughtful positive and constructive feedback that I think would serve her well in a teaching capacity . . . Melissa has a lot to offer and I’m sure that the kids will love her.”